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Why Choose Edzel Web Design?


I started out as an Independent Author, creating my very first website with Weebly in 2014. I had no experience in building websites, and I'll be honest, I found it terrifying! I had no idea what I was doing, didn't understand the terminology, and was petrified that I would somehow 'lose everything' if I pressed the wrong key.


As an Independent Author (yes, I still write books) who also had no idea about website design or marketing, I soon discovered that costs mount up if you're not careful. I spent way more than I really needed to, becuase I didn't understand how it all worked. I could really have done with someone like me to help - but of course, I couldn't afford a consultant. So I learned the hard way.


Having learned the hard way, I will always be upfront about the costs of each and every option  (with links so that you can verify the cost of domains and hosting) , and every quote is free, with no-obligation. 


I am a one-person band, or a 'sole trader' as we say in the UK. So I understand the need to keep costs as low as possible without sacrifiing quality. 


In addition to designing your website, I can also help with setting up social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook Pages, etc.) for you if that is something you need.  Need a logo or a banner? I may be able to help. I can also design a YouTube page, or a promotional video or trailer if you need one.

About Me

"Imagination is the highest kite that can fly" - Lauren Bacall

I'm Elaine, a British 60-something author and family historian. Born in Hampshire, I relocated just a few miles to the Surrey,Hampshire Berkshire borders after my marriage in 1993. 

Being an indie author with a day job, I began to learn the basics of creating a website in 2014. Since then I've made quite a few websites for myself and friends and family. Please check out the links for examples of my work.

In addtion to reading (crime fiction and science fiction are my favourite genres, and I've recently embraced fantasy too, with 'The Witcher' books) I enjoy driving a virtual truck on Eurostruck Simulator 2. But my biggest hobby is family tree research - I use Ancestry, My Heritage and other similar sites to help me build and document the history of my family and my husband's family. I've written about some of them on my Genealogy Blog,  

Thanks for stopping by!

I wish you Peace, Happiness and Prosperity

Elaine, March 2022

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