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  • TRAILERS Trailers can be a mixture of images/info graphics set to music, may have a voice-over, or may even feature live action. In recent years I have produced trailers using all of these components. Some were very simple and needed only my input. Others were more ambitious and needed actors, a camera operator, editor and even matte SFX.  For simple trailers, I tend to use a Microsoft PowerPoint to create images - the Slide Show app is good for that, being the right size and shape - and Free Music Archive. I mix these elements together in an editing suite. My first attempts were created using the Windows app, now I have a program called Wondershare Filmora which allows for much finer tweaking.


       If you have a requirement for a trailer please get in touch. In the 

       meantime  please check out this trailer, created using Microsoft 

       PowerPoint, PDF2JPG, Free Music Archive and Wondershare Filmora.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA SET UP  If you would like a Twitter Page to link to your website (and vice-versa ) and don't yet have one, I can create a Twitter profile for you. Never used Twitter before? No problem - I'll give you a tutorial, too!  If you plan to create videos or slide shows, YouTube  is another great tool, because it allows you to get around bandwidth restrictions on the simpler, less expensive website options. I'll create a YouTube profile and/or page for you, and if you need a 'how to' guide, I can do that too.   There are many other useful platforms, but Twitter and YouTube are the most popular right now. Just remember to mention them when you make your initial enquiry. Of course, they can be added later, too. 





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